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How does it work?

Each of them is constructed from an electromagnet attached to the door frame, along with an armature plate that is fixed to the door.

A stronger magnetic field is created when an electric current is passed into the electromagnet, which keeps the magnet from being able to move from its armature.

There are two types of locks: fail-safe and fail-secure. There are several types of fail-safe systems. The failure-safe mechanism means that the door is unlocked when the electrical circuit is cut off and the electromagnetic force fails to operate.

These are important safety precautions in case of an emergency. A fail-safe lock is a secure lock that stays locked even when the power is out. The Maglock operates on normal power sources, but can have backup batteries in case of power failure.

These doors open with the help of a keypad, proximity reader like a scanner and a card reader like those found in hotel rooms.

Magnets for doors come in many shapes and sizes.

The maglock we offer comes in a number of different models.

If the lock is monitored, a visual or audible signal is activated when the lock is activated. Our company also provides standard locks and slimline versions for use on double doors, such as garages and driveway gates.

Advantages of magnetic door locks

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